Deepavruksha - Best smelling essential oil blends candle to improve indoor air quality

Deepavruksha Aegis:-Vegan Natural Aroma candle, Relaxation, Perfect Aromatherapy, Handmade candle, ambiance and tranquility to your home, Ideal for Meditation, Environment-friendly, Fights against Indoor Airborne virus, Aroma of Lemon Eucalyptus, Peppermints Natural mosquito repellent.

Why you Need Aroma Candle?

Let your home experience the flying smell of beautiful fragrance and make your dear and near ones feel happy and relax! Stay healthy and keep up the healthy pace for your loved ones and experience the real fragrance.
100% Natural Aroma the candle is meant to fill your space with those beautiful aromas. Premium Wooden Lid Glass Jar The Lid glass candle Jar is not only beautiful and decorative; it's non-toxic and safe to burn in your home.
A much-needed thing for you and your Family You go to extreme lengths to make sure that you meet all responsibilities and be the perfect mother/father to your kids or better half from toxins which takes place in your tract. We bring you a safe way of making your home smell like Pure Natural Aroma and stay healthy! With Our candle, you can enjoy a great scent and relax while knowing that your family is protected.


Sunday, May 3, 2020

Aromatic Stress buster Eco-Friendly Vegan Essential Candle

"Aromatic Stress buster Eco

-Friendly Vegan Essential Candle"

We are "Deepavruksha" candle lovers
and also Natural candle Producers.  
Most likely we believe you equally 
love candles, so we both share 
something familiar as of now and 
enjoy how they alter our everyday life 
into an interesting one.

Also, as a shopper, when we make 
purchases, we demand it to be the 
best quality and demand value for 

As a customer, yourself, you look for
additional merit and the finest. You 
desire it to be of first-grade. Our 
candles unhesitatingly show equivalent 

While making a purchase of our 
candles, you can be assured that there 
are no alternate ways, nor any cost
-saving method used.

Our candles are sure to complement 
their environmental factors at any point
they wind up. We use 100% Natural wax 
and essential oil that are cultivated right
in India.

We Prefer Natural wax in this process of 
candle making since it has a strong 
bond to hold a high volume of essential 
oil and also cruelty-free.

These candles incorporate zero poisons, 
herbicides, or pesticides, perfect item as 
you will discover.

Manufacture in India using pure
essential oils in candles that have
been known to perform at their best
when mixed with natural wax.

Essential oil used does not contain any 
artificial synthetics what so ever. 

Unadulterated refining strategy used to 
separate the essential oil from the herbs.

Pure cotton wicks are used and 
completely handmade. The aroma of 
these candles are excellent for your 
sweet home.

This candle performs spectacularly well 
without leaving any residue what so ever 
aromatic scent from the candles is 
pleasant and one of a kind. 

The Amazing fragrance leaves an 
impression on your guest.

These candles are well formulated to 
offer steady throughput to get a 
pleasing aromatherapy experience. 

The aroma of these candles last till the
very end, due to the essential oil blend 
used in the manufacturing process and 
it does not harm your love birds! Too.

Purchasing these candles also supports 
limiting relies upon the raw petroleum!!!

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