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Deepavruksha Aegis:-Vegan Natural Aroma candle, Relaxation, Perfect Aromatherapy, Handmade candle, ambiance and tranquility to your home, Ideal for Meditation, Environment-friendly, Fights against Indoor Airborne virus, Aroma of Lemon Eucalyptus, Peppermints Natural mosquito repellent.

Why you Need Aroma Candle?

Let your home experience the flying smell of beautiful fragrance and make your dear and near ones feel happy and relax! Stay healthy and keep up the healthy pace for your loved ones and experience the real fragrance.
100% Natural Aroma the candle is meant to fill your space with those beautiful aromas. Premium Wooden Lid Glass Jar The Lid glass candle Jar is not only beautiful and decorative; it's non-toxic and safe to burn in your home.
A much-needed thing for you and your Family You go to extreme lengths to make sure that you meet all responsibilities and be the perfect mother/father to your kids or better half from toxins which takes place in your tract. We bring you a safe way of making your home smell like Pure Natural Aroma and stay healthy! With Our candle, you can enjoy a great scent and relax while knowing that your family is protected.


Thursday, April 23, 2020

Deepavruksha's Essential oil candles to combat airborne viruses


In this era of turmoil, the infamous and 
rampant airborne Viruses are wreaking
havoc across the globe. Millions of people 
are affected by a deadly airborne virus 
and the death toll from these viruses is 
in millions per year. 

Sometimes the impact of these viruses is 
so devastating that they cause epidemics 
and in severe cases pandemics. 

Airborne viruses affect all the people on 
this earth either directly or indirectly. Some
of the examples of airborne viruses are 
smallpox virus, influenza virus, and 
respiratory syncytial virus.

In uncertain situations around the world, 
people are afraid to get affected or die by 
airborne viruses like Influenza. Luckily 
for you, Deepavruksha has launched 
"Aegis", the best smelling and essential
oil blended candles that not only improve 
the quality of indoor air but they also help 
combat airborne viruses.

Aegis candle can also sharp minds, 
enhance the beauty and complement 
spiritual practices. Unfortunately, other 
commercial products available in the 
market use artificial and highly dangerous
substances which not only ruin indoor air
quality and ambiance but they can also
make you ill. 

We can give you a guarantee that our clean
and non-toxic candles are sustainable, natural 
and 100% pure.

We have a very strict and safe environment 
where we make these candles. We hand
-pour our candles and frost them in beautiful
glass jars. 

It ensures the integrity of our ingredients. 
These essential oil candles invigorate, relax, 
recall memories, provide fragrance and 
protect against deadly airborne viruses.

A. Natural Essential Oils
Used in Our Products
for Aromatherapy and
air purification


In our products, the natural fragrance of 
essential oils and pure cotton wicks are 
used. Lemon essential oil gives the 
simplest but robust sweet scent. Many 
other essential oils such as citronella, clove,
and peppermint are infused in our candles 
which also help us make clean-burning 

We use natural wax in our products which 
is a way better than petroleum-based paraffin

Following natural but different natural
oils are utilized to blend Deepavruksha 
Aegis candle:


a.  Lemon Eucalyptus

Lemon Eucalyptus is the chief essential 
oil from natural substances. It has 
limonene which with its anti-microbial 
properties can destroy airborne viruses 

This essential oil is also effective to 
enhance functions of the human lymphatic
system and liver function.

It has a light, bright and fresh lemony 
scent which we derive from the fragrant 
balm made from grass lemon.

This fragrance is natural, fresh and 
uplifting and it can make you believe that 
it has a real lemon smell.

It is clinically proven that Lemon 
eucalyptus essential oils are indeed 
effective against killing airborne viruses 
such as "flu virus," according to a medical 

Lemon Eucalyptus is a very strong natural
substance to use in DIY skin care products
but it can effectively kill airborne viruses 
and harmful bacteria. They can perform 
miracles in the current situation.

b.  Clove

Clove is a kind of spice that is used in 
medicines and other products for many 
centuries. It is great for your health and 
the health of your environment. It can help
infiltration of lungs thus, it helps your lungs
to combat deadly airborne viruses.

It is known to have antimicrobial properties 
that kill bacteria, help in pain relief for 
toothaches and gastrointestinal problems.
It is also effective to relieve respiratory 
problems such as asthma.

c.  Peppermint

They are considered as the first discovered 
versatile oils. They have oral, dermal and 
microbial properties. It has a sharp but fresh 
smell like menthol. It is being widely used in 
medicine and cosmetic industries. 

They can regularize your sleep patterns 
due to stimulating properties. However, one
should use them carefully as overdosing can
have drastic impacts.

d.  Citronella

Citronella oils contain a special substance 
that is known to have anti-bacterial 
properties. Then clean and support the 
respiratory system which is the first line of 
defense against combats with viruses and 
bacteria. The fragrance of citronella is just 
like wet earth during the rainy season.

It is a natural medicinal remedy.  It is 
being widely used as a pain reliever, 
anti-inflammatory, insect repelling and 
soothing agent.

B.Why we make it in candle 

Volatile oils are not recommended to use 
on bare skin. Applying these pure essential 
oils can damage your skin. It can be 
dangerous for people with sensitive skin or 
hypersensitivity issues.

Since we cannot use these essential oils 
directly on our skin, an idea stroked in my 
mind and I came up with a thought of 
making amazing candles infused with 
essential oils. 

The function of these candles is based on
the principle on which air purifiers work. 
Unfortunately, electrical air purifiers are 
not pocket friendly and you have to bear 
huge electricity bills.

High power consumption, little to no effect 
and high maintenance costs of these air 
purifiers compelled us to craft these natural 
candles infused with essential oils. Nature 
is after all the ultimate power. 

They are not only fragrant but they also 
provide loads of benefits to everyone who 
inhales such purified air.

C.Benefits of natural essential oil candles

Essential oil candles infused with natural 
substances not only make your home more 
appealing but they also make it fragrant and 

Our candles are made with very high
-quality natural substances that will 
change the ambiance of your home. Apart 
from aromatherapy, many other amazing 
benefits of these candles will compel you 
to order these candles right now!

Here are the top benefits of naturally 
infused aromatic candles:

a.  Stress relief aromatherapy

One of the major issues in this fast-paced 
and socially distanced world is stress. A 
lot of people combat stress during 
epidemics and pandemics. It not only 
drastically impact your mind but also your 
body. Overall, it is a menace for your 
overall well-being and health.

With our naturally blended essential oil 
candles, the issue of stress can be naturally 
resolved. You are in luck that theses candles 
can help you get rid of anxiety and stress. 

When you will get rid of stress and anxiety, 
you can focus on enjoyment and happiness 
in your life.

These candles help you relax so, they will 
improve your concentration. This way you 
will focus on your tasks and will be able to 
give better output. This aromatherapy is 
must relax you after bearing so much stress 
and dealing with anxiety.

b. Purification Of Air

 Air Pollution

Polluted and uncleaned air is a huge 
problem in the contemporary era. It can 
make you very sick and cause various 
diseases and disorders like asthma, 
breathing difficulties, etc. 

Breathing is one of the essentials for life 
and the quality of indoor air is very 
important for our health. Our environment 
and air are full of harmful compounds and

Luckily naturally infused essential oil 
candles can help you purify your air. After 
lighting up, they spread a fragrant scent 
in the room. 

This scent not only soothes your nostrils 
but it will also break down and destroy 
harmful and unhealthy compounds from 
the air. These essential oil candles are known 
to destroy deadly airborne viruses.

c. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral

It is a known fact that natural candles 
infused with aromatic essential oils have
great anti-bacterial and anti-viral 

These candles are so powerful and 
effective that you will never have to deal 
with any bacteria and viruses anymore. 

You only need to light up these candles 
and leave the rest to them.

These candles will clean these harmful 
and dangerous microorganisms from the
 surrounding air. You can conveniently 
clean your air whenever you want to enjoy 
a relaxing time with your family.

d. Natural Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes are perhaps the worst flying 
insects in this world. They tease you a lot 
especially during summer and rainy 

It is very important to deal with these 
devilish creatures. Natural essential oil
candles are excellent repellents again 

Once you start using these candles, you 
will get a double treat. They will not 
only repel mosquitoes but they will also 
give you relaxing aromatherapy. 

e.Treatment of Psychological 

Using natural essential oil candles are a 
great idea to treat psychological issues. 
They help you dive in the deep unconscious 
state of mind which relaxes you and lets 
you solve your psychological issues on your 

It can help you with several challenging
situations that arise due to psychological
issues. It helps you manage your mood 
and calming you down and making you 


Natural candles introduced by 
Deepavruksha have the best aroma and 
they are blended with essential oils. These 
candles have a lot to offer it to you all in 
this pandemic.

They not only purify the air but they also 
have a soothing and astounding impact of 
everyone sitting in the area where they are
burning. They are specially designed to get 
rid of the harmful effects of airborne viruses.

These candles are convenient and easy to 
use and you have multiple options to choose
your favorite candle. 

Essential oils in these natural candles are 
blended with several different natural 
ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, clove, 
citronella and peppermint oil.

However, you can also get a natural candle
as a special occasion gift or if there is an 
event and you need it for decoration.

Browse here, our website today and buy one 
for yourself or as a gift for your loved one. 

We can guarantee an amazing and relaxing 
experience for the user.

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