Deepavruksha - Best smelling essential oil blends candle to improve indoor air quality

Deepavruksha Aegis:-Vegan Natural Aroma candle, Relaxation, Perfect Aromatherapy, Handmade candle, ambiance and tranquility to your home, Ideal for Meditation, Environment-friendly, Fights against Indoor Airborne virus, Aroma of Lemon Eucalyptus, Peppermints Natural mosquito repellent.

Why you Need Aroma Candle?

Let your home experience the flying smell of beautiful fragrance and make your dear and near ones feel happy and relax! Stay healthy and keep up the healthy pace for your loved ones and experience the real fragrance.
100% Natural Aroma the candle is meant to fill your space with those beautiful aromas. Premium Wooden Lid Glass Jar The Lid glass candle Jar is not only beautiful and decorative; it's non-toxic and safe to burn in your home.
A much-needed thing for you and your Family You go to extreme lengths to make sure that you meet all responsibilities and be the perfect mother/father to your kids or better half from toxins which takes place in your tract. We bring you a safe way of making your home smell like Pure Natural Aroma and stay healthy! With Our candle, you can enjoy a great scent and relax while knowing that your family is protected.


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Benefits of Deepavruksha–“Aegis “Candle for your Home and the Air you Breathe

Product Overview:

Mold (a fungus that grows in the form of 
multicellular filaments called hyphae) is 
contributing think about many long-term 
health problems.

As mold grows, it releases spores into the 
air that are effortless to breathe through the 
nose and mouth. 

Once breathed in, mold can cause 
hypersensitivity, inflammation and infection.
high mold count in your environmental air 
can result in sickness and might prevent 

Breathing clean air is vital for Permanently 
health and quality of life. The Aegis Air 
Purification candle could be a simple thanks 
to controlling mold spore levels within the 
indoor air.

The warmth from the burning wick 
aerosolizes the natural botanical embedded
within the natural wax.

The wax has no added fragrances to evade 
inflaming the chemical responsiveness 
common in sinusitis sufferers. 

Breathing clean air is crucial to your health,
especially if you're mold and environmentally

Our Aegis Candles are designed to purify the
air and to significantly reduce mold counts in 
indoor spaces.

Our Aegis candles are designed to purify the
air and to significantly reduce mold counts
in indoor spaces.

When molds grow and reproduce, they 
release spores into the air.

Those spores can float into your breathing 
space, allowing them to be easily swallowed
and inhaled, causing inflammation and/or 

Aegis candle maintains a healthy indoor 
environment so that you breathe in the 
fresh air.

Aegis Air Purification candle could reduce 
mold spores from the room.The warmth 
from the burning flame aerosolizes the 
natural botanicals embedded within the 
natural wax.

The botanicals disperse into the air and 
eliminate the mold spores.The candles 
haven't any added fragrances or toxins.

The candles are designed to figure with 
other Aegis mold products to assist mold 
sufferers more easily achieve a healthy 

Features of Aegis Candle:

1.Fast-acting - Easy-to-use

2.Natural botanicals embedded in wax

3.Part of a complete system for managing 
indoor mold counts.

4.Anti Airborne Virus and bacterial

5.Maintains a healthy indoor environment.

6.A scent for mind freshness

Benefits of Aegis Candle:

Our Aegis candles will make your house 
smell incredible. Our candles are better 
than normal scented ones in all aspects.The 
regular scented candles contain synthetic 

The Aegis candles are all-natural and 
contain pure essential oil. Aegis candles are
much more superior to the regular ones, and
this you can understand from the following 
factors, which make the Aegis candles so 

The top health benefits of Aegis candles 

1.Cleansing&Purifying the Air

If you are working from home then while 
working from home you will spend 
maximum time in one room, because of 
this indoor air becomes contaminated and 
if you breathe in contaminated air, then 
you might fall sick.

So it is important to breathe. In pure air, 
our Aegis candles help you to breathe in 
unpolluted air. Aegis candles are the 
healthiest candles to burn as they carry 
negative ions.

These negative ions purify and clean your 
home's air from germs,like airborne viruses, 
so it is healthier and safer as air is positively 

This is an excellent way to purify the air 
from dust, pollen, and dander.

2.Health Benefits

Aegis candles are not dangerous for the 
health; these help in a good breath and 
remove smells from the air.

Our best Aegis candles can also give you a
feeling of perfect relaxation and calm after
a long day.

If you are suffering from respiratory 
problems, then you should burn our Aegis 
candles in your bedroom for hours before
you sleep.

Doing this work will purify the air and help 
you in breathing easily.The aroma of Aegis 
candles is distinctively comforting and 
alluringly peaceful.

Apart from making your house smell 
incredible, Aegis candles can make you
happier and stress-free.And, what more is 
that inhaling the aroma from Aegis candles 
results in health benefits.

3.Environmentally Friendly

You should know that our candles burn 
clean and produce no smoke because they 
are essential oil-based.

And because Aegis candles are natural,the 
candles do not discharge the synthetic 
counterpart of harmful chemicals.

Also, it’s important to remember that the 
production of paraffin, candles use 
chemicals to transform them into candles.

Aegis candle is in its raw state and doesn’t
have to go through bleaching or 

So we can enjoy this harmonious synergy 
between us and the earth when we light 
an Aegis candle.

The earth and we reap the benefits of Aegis
candles from the production to lighting it.

4.Best for Reduce Stress.

It’s easy to indicate that everybody possibly 
includes some candles during their self-care
rituals to ease stress and implement calming
properties into the atmosphere.

Our Aegis candles can be used during 
aromatherapy to assist with anxiety and 
depression, improve quality of life and sleep, 
and even ease a number of the side effects 
of cancer treatments like nausea and pain.

When Aegis candles are burned, their 
fragrance reduces your stress.The simple 
act of burning a candle has relaxing 
properties and can aid in stress relief and 

The mildly sweet, natural scent of Aegis 
candles can aid that relaxation without
being overwhelming as artificially scented
candles can become.

5.Can Improves Your Mood.

If fragrance helps you to improve your 
mood, then you should try our Aegis 

Because we use essential oils in our 
products, every product has a pleasant
fragrance that fresh your mind, and you 
feel a good mood.

Nowadays, though, candles are brought 
into homes to assist set the mood during 
certain times of the day to induce the 
mind within the right frame of mind.

As an example, while you'll light candles 
at any time of the day, it’s a great idea to 
use them for particular moments (i.e., bath 
time, meditation, prayer, yoga) to boost 
these meditative thoughts so you'll begin or 
end the day on the proper foot.

6.Lasts Longer & Burns Evenly.

Another reason which makes the Aegis 
candles much better than traditional 
scented ones are that the Aegis candles 
are made with the natural wax base, 
which is why these candles can burn for 
more hours.

Natural wax burns more slowly and evenly
than paraffin so that candles will last 

You also pay a little money for natural,the 
fact that your candles burn longer helps to 
offset the extra expense.

Many people claim that the lower heat of 
an Aegis candle will also ensure that the 
scent will last longer, but this tends to 
depend more on the quality and the 
amount of scent oil in the candle than the 
heat of the wax.

Most importantly, the Aegis candles come 
with a better quality pure cotton wick, and
this makes the candles burn evenly without 
producing uncomfortable smokes like the 
regular scented ones.

7.Can Increase Focus

If you ever needed a reason to put a 
couple of candles around your desk for 
“decorative” purposes, you should use 
surrounding yourself with our Aegis 
candles while you're employed can 
increase your focus and facilitate you to
become more productive.

In keeping with Aromatherapy, there are 
certain scents that may stimulant your

Aromas like Peppermint, Citronella Lemon
Eucalyptus, and clove can invigorate your 
senses and provides you that extra boost 
you wish to remain on top of your work. We 
are using all these Essential oils in our 

8.Fire Safety

Our Aegis candles are packed in a small 
box that is best and easy in carrying and
burning. When you burn our candles, 
then you don't need to more save yourself
because our candles are less dangerous 
during the burn.

Burning the Aegis candles are safer 
compared to regular scented ones.After 
all, longer wicks and can flare up and 
catch fire while the inferior fragrance oil 
used in regular scented candles is also 
prone to catch fire.

But, Aegis candles crafted by artisans and 
experts are manufactured with an all
-cotton wick, and safer natural material, 
which is why burning the candles is most 
safe compared to regular scented ones.

9.Clean Burning

If you are worried about cleaning as 
result of candle burns, then you should 
use our Aegis candle in the place of 

Because our Aegis Candles made from
natural wax will give you a cleaner burn
since they produce much less smoke than 
candles made from paraffin Wax.

This means that anyone sensitive to candle
smoke will have a much easier time with 
natural wax, and the air will be cleaner and
safer for everyone, especially young children
and the elderly.

There is also less risk of smoke damage to 
nearby furniture, walls, or ceilings.

10.Easy to Clean Up

Natural wax has a lower melting point than
paraffin, so the wax turns softer at lower 

If you find yourself with a natural wax 
spill, it can be cleaned up with soap and 
hot water rather than harsh chemicals.

For candle makers, this is also a handy
feature since equipment can be cleaned in 
the sink under hot running water, or even 
in the dishwasher.

11.All-Natural & Carries Pure Essential Oil.

If you are looking for a full natural 
fragrance that fresh your mind and also 
relief yourself, then you should try our 
Aegis candle because we use all-natural 
and best essential oils in our candles.

We use these best essential oils that have
many benefits for your health.

i. Lemon Eucalyptus

Lemon Eucalyptus (Cymbopogon citratus, 
Cymbopogon flexuosus) is a tall grass that
grows in tropical weather conditions.

Native to islands in Southeastern Asia, it's
a standard seasoning in Thai, Indian, and 
Chinese cuisine and is usually brewed as a 

The lemon eucalyptus essential oil is also 
known as soothing headaches and relieve 
cold and clogged sinuses.

Compounds in lemongrass essential oil 
have been shown to have anti-viruses and
antimicrobial qualities, and several in vitro 
studies have found the oil may eliminate 
all airborne viruses.

With its fresh, citrusy scent, lemon 
Eucalyptus essential oil is a type of 
essential oil also used in aromatherapy for 
health and beauty.

ii. Clove

Cloves are sourced from Syzygium 
aromaticum, an evergreen tree that grows 
in Asia and South America.

Clove containing eugenol, a  powerful
germicide, as well as caryophyllene, which 
has antimicrobial properties, clove oil also 
used to kill parasites and repel insects.

Clove essential oil is used to support 
healthy breath and resolve the implications
of pollution. It also helps the lungs to filter 
toxic environmental viruses during your

iii. Peppermint

Peppermint is a mixture of water mint and
spearmint. This herb can also be used 

Both the leaf and the oil are sometimes
used to treat a variety of conditions.It is 
used for proper breath. 

Its scent is helpful for inspiration.
Therefore we use peppermint in our Aegis
candles for good breath because of this 
you can easily breathe in your home 
during working.

iv. Citronella.

Citronella oil is a type of essential oil 
widely used in aromatherapy.Citronella is
sourced from different species of 

In addition, to purify the air and destroy 
viruses in the air, Citronella contains a 
number of chemicals thought to enhance 
emotional and physical health.

Approximately all practitioners believe that
Citronella essential oils used in 
aromatherapy offer health benefits when 
inhaled into the body.

The aromatic compounds in citronella oil 
are widely incorporated into our Aegis

Doing these things for best results and safety:

Open Aegis candle and place on a flat 
surface within the metal cap, aloof from 
walls, and flammable things.

Burn Aegis candles for 3 hours 
continuously to achieve optimal effects 
and mold maintenance.

When finished burning, Burn Aegis 
candles for 3 hours continuously to 
achieve optimal effects and mold 
maintenance use the metal lid to snuff 
out candles.

We don't recommend blowing it out. Trim
tip of the wick before each use for best 

This reduces soot and smoke indoors. Each 
candle includes a longer burn lifetime of 
approximately 30 hours or more depending 
on the weight of each candle.

A general guideline is to use one candle
per 100 square feet of indoor space. Keep 
out of the reach of youngsters and pets. 

Don't leave them burning candles 
unattended. If you want to reap the full 
benefits of Aegis candles, then light one 
up right before sleep.

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