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Deepavruksha Aegis:-Vegan Natural Aroma candle, Relaxation, Perfect Aromatherapy, Handmade candle, ambiance and tranquility to your home, Ideal for Meditation, Environment-friendly, Fights against Indoor Airborne virus, Aroma of Lemon Eucalyptus, Peppermints Natural mosquito repellent.

Why you Need Aroma Candle?

Let your home experience the flying smell of beautiful fragrance and make your dear and near ones feel happy and relax! Stay healthy and keep up the healthy pace for your loved ones and experience the real fragrance.
100% Natural Aroma the candle is meant to fill your space with those beautiful aromas. Premium Wooden Lid Glass Jar The Lid glass candle Jar is not only beautiful and decorative; it's non-toxic and safe to burn in your home.
A much-needed thing for you and your Family You go to extreme lengths to make sure that you meet all responsibilities and be the perfect mother/father to your kids or better half from toxins which takes place in your tract. We bring you a safe way of making your home smell like Pure Natural Aroma and stay healthy! With Our candle, you can enjoy a great scent and relax while knowing that your family is protected.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Want to improve indoor air quality? Eliminate Deadly Indoor Airborne Virus? Naturally

Let's understand how Deepavruksha 
"Aegis" best smelling essential oil blend 
candle helps in improving indoor air quality,
by eliminating deadly indoor airborne virus 
using traditional, Fire Ritual Method 
(Vedic Homan)

Indoor air Quality

The ancient practices revolving around the 
Hindu religion held prominence in the way
of life.

Indoor air Quality

Fire Ritual (Homam or Yagna) is an age-old 
traditional custom that is meant to invoke 
the Lord of Fire or Agni to seek his blessings.

It is a fire ritual that is done by preparing an 
altar made from bricks or a copper vessel.The 
sacred ritual is performed where ingredients 
like clarified butter (ghee), milk, curd, coconut, 
fruits, incense, seeds, grains, petals, and herbs
are offered to please the deity.

The ritual is accompanied by recitation of 
mantras and blowing of conch shells. 
Homan is an essential part of any Hindu 
ritualistic wedding without which the 
ceremony is not completed.

This Homam was later on integrated into 
other cultures of Buddhism and Jainism.
Indoor air Quality

This process of Homam is considered 
beneficial for providing cures from 
planetary influences, seeking blessings of 
Gods and removing negativity.

Alternatively, it has a scientific approach 
where it is said that it cures a person and 
the surrounding environment by eradicating 
the germs and harmful particles from the air.

Nevertheless, it is not always viable to 
perform this expensive and time-consuming
ritual at home.It requires so much patience
to gather all the Homam puja ingredients 
and complete the purification process.

Natural Antiviral

How about using a much continent option 
and cleanse the surrounding aura using 
best smelling essential oil blends? Well, 
Deepavruksha brings an effective remedy 
Aegis Candle this product gives you pure 
essential oil benefits.

It improves indoor air quality and similar 
To Fire ritual; fights against deadly indoor 
airborne virus: when you light it up, it 
will even through essential oil fragrance 
for aromatherapy.

The medical plants and herbs used in Fire 
rituals were known to eliminate all the 
airborne micro viruses, bacteria, and insects
and preserve the excellent air quality.

The Deepavruksha has incorporated all 
necessary features with their custom made
“Aegis” candle.

We have enlisted the Deepavruksha 
“Aegis” benefits:-

Indoor air Quality

The Deepavruksha offers a pure homemade
candle that is produced from the essential 
oils. It follows the traditional Vedic approach 
and integrates the purely distilled oil which 
is directly sourced from organic herbs like 
peppermint, citronella, eucalyptus and clove 
oils blended with natural wax in specific 

The aroma of the candle has some 
therapeutic properties that stimulate our 
system of mind, body, and spirit. We lit 
the Homam to get its benefits, and we 
need to do the same with the Aegis candles.

The citronella oil used in the candle act as
a natural mosquito and insect repellent.The
respiratory system is improved and diseases 
like nasal congestion and asthma are treated 
with the eucalyptus oil.

The peppermint oil used in candles helps to
cure problems like common cold and 
headache.On a personal level, the clove oil
helps to stimulate the body’s sense,enhance 
the concentration levels and release the daily 
stress from the hectic schedule.

Apart from improving the health conditions
the essential oils in the candle purify the air 
quality by eliminating the foul odor with its 
sweet and refreshing aroma.

All the medicinal and curative properties in 
the candle have been integrated keeping in 
mind about the historical roots of Indian 

You can light the candle anytime at your 
convenience or during the time of offering 
your prayers. Just wait and see how your 
mood revitalizes and uplifts after this.

Contributing to a greener planet has become
the responsibility of every individual. 
Deepavruksha believes in this philosophy and
conserves the effective form of wellness.

The products sourced are entirely organic 
and full of all-natural and eco-friendly 
ingredients.The portfolio of the long-burning
candles is generally free from artificial toxins
and harmful chemicals.

The naturals candles come in a sustainable
packaging of a premium quality glass jar
with a wooden lid cap. Deepavruksha “Aegis” 
Natural Essential oil Candle better alternative 
to traditional Fire ritual to drive all benefits
via a more convenient medium for Well-being.

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